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Australia's annual technical conference about Free Software. Fun, informal and seriously technical, draws together Free and Open Source Software developers from across the world. It will be held from January 28th to February 2nd, 2008 at The University of Melbourne. Torrent of the conference video.

fox2mike (aka Shyam) has uploaded all his photos onto his flickr account. The first few are of the Gentoo mini-conf.

A GMN article is being written about this event, check it out here.

Gentoo Dinner (Monday)

Keep Monday night free, since we will be having a social dinner somewhere nearby, with the possibility of hitting the pub afterwards. This is a public holiday so it might be best to book a place. An Italian place on Lygon street is probably a good idea.

Gentoo Down Under Mini-conf (Tuesday)

There will be a half-day Gentoo Down Under miniconf on Tuesday 29th January. An announcement about it can be found here.


9:00-9:30 An introduction to Gentoo - Sura Mendis

An introduction to Gentoo from both an Operating System and community perspective. New and seasoned attendees will gain an insight into concepts which are discussed in more detail during the mini-conf.

Sura Mendis is a long time Gentoo user and Computer Science graduate from Curtin University of Technology (Perth) who now works in the mining sector.

9:30-10:20 Hardened Gentoo - Andrew Ross

An overview of the Hardened system will be presented, including the toolchain, kernel and SELinux.

Andrew has been a Gentoo developer for over a year, helping maintain a variety of packages including Mercurial and Xen.

10:10-10:30 Morning tea
10:30-11:20 Tutorials: Gentoo's Package Managers

Gentoo's official and primary package manager portage will be known to most by via the command line tool emerge. But efforts have been made by other groups to also develop alternative package managers for Gentoo's ebuild format (and more). The Package Manager Specification, still in its early stages may lead to the official support of multiple package managers within Gentoo.

This session will be split into three sections, each lasting about 10-20 minutes including time for questions.

Portage - Ivan Miljenovic

Ivan is an active member of the Gentoo Haskell community and is on his way to become an official developer. He will give a brief rundown on basic usage of the program that defines Gentoo - emerge - as well as other useful applications such as udept and eix.

Paludis - Patrick Ohearn

Patrick is a high-school student from Queensland who is interested in systems administration. He will be introducing the Paludis package manager from a user's perspective.

Pkgcore - Mark Kowarsky

Mark is a recent high-school graduate and has been involved with Gentoo for more than two years. The various tools provided by pkgcore will be introduced, demonstrating the way they can assist in maintaining your system.

11:20-11:30 Moving time
11:30-12:20 Paddling Upiver - Andrew Cowie

A presentation that discusses the relations between upstream developers and downstream packagers.

Andrew runs Operational Dynamics, a consultancy works with clients worldwide in crisis resolution, change management, robust architectures, and leveraging open source to achieve these ends. On the technical side, Andrew has extensive experience as a Unix/Linux sysadmin, Java developer, and has long been an Open Source advocate. Most recently, he has been contributing to the GNOME project by authoring the java-gnome bindings allowing you to write GTK programs in Java.

12:20-13:30 Lunch

Open Day (Saturday)

If we have a booth here (will be confirmed as soon as possible), add your name if you would like to help man it, also list any hardware you can bring.

  • mark_alec - Eight year old G3 laptop with Gentoo/PPC, Gentoo/FreeBSD desktop
  • ilm - Laptop running plain Gentoo, featuring live ebuilds (bunch of *-darcs stuff from haskell overlay, emacs-cvs), xmonad WM, possibly basic ebuild hacking? May not be able to be at stall all the time.
  • mortar - not sure if i'll be able to man it but have a powerbook G4 that can be used - although haven't used gentoo on it for ages as I couldn't get wireless working and gave up so you'll have to let me know if you need it to sing and dance. Also got an Imate PDA that I could never get linux working on..
  • fox2mike has promised to help, has a laptop.
  • atrophy - HP tx1001au Convertible Tablet (Touchscreen, not digitiser) running Gentoo GNU/Linux with KDE 3.5.7
  • flibX0r - Same laptop as atrophy, different configuration


The unofficial Gentoo HQ during LCA will be Trinity College. At the very least, mark_alec, ilm & patoh are staying there, and the rest of us have to keep Mark away from any Dance-Dance-Revolution-like games! :p

Gentoo Polos

The following people still need to receive their polos (those yet to pay are in bold):

  • Deserted: 1x XL
  • siccness: 1x XL
  • geoff leach: 1x M
  • andrew mather (via email): 1x XL

Who plans on going?

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