Welcome to the recently installed wiki for Gentoo Australia. This wiki shall be used to organise Gentoo related events in Australia. Feel free to stop by at our IRC channel, #gentoo-au on the Freenode network (if you don't have an IRC client, use this web-based client.), or join or mailing list by sending a blank email to gentoo-au+subscribe@gentoo.org.

Please consider adding yourself to the locations map of Gentoo users, so that an estimation of the numbers of users can be found.

Please Note: To try and stem the reprehensible swarm of spam pages, the sysops of this website have restricted the creation of new pages only to the sysops themselves. If you would like a new page (i.e. to list your details), then please ask either on the above mailing list or on IRC. Registered users can still edit existing pages.


Contact mark_alec at mark_alec [at] gentoo [dot] org or in #gentoo-au

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